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A History of St. Matthew F.B.H. Church of

God of the Americas


St. Matthew F.B.H. Church was organized in the early 1920's in a storefront that was located on the corner of York Streetand Lincoln Avenue. The earliest deed of ownership is dated 1925. The church grew in power and reputation in the community and later moved to a lot close to its present location. It is believed that Bishop Hagan was the first pastor of St. Matthew. A holy people and praying congregation they soon purchased a house and had it placed on the property at 204 W. Lincoln Avenue. For over 60 years people entered that holy tabernacle and were brought face to face with their sin and need for redemption. The preachers kept on preaching and the church continued in prayer.

 Many persons can recall the pot bellied stove that once heated the church, but they'd quickly say that it was the Holy Ghost and Fire that kept the worship services HOT. God increased the church and many souls were saved, sanctified, filled with the Holy Ghost, added to the church, increased in wisdom, called to preach, sent forth to evangelize and establish churches. St. Matthew became known as 'Sanctified Matthew.' The church became renown for its praise, power, and preaching. Many testify to the healing and deliverance they received while being ministered to at 'good ole' St. Matthew.



Some of the charter members of our church were Sister Helen Hunter, Bro. James Hunter, Deacon Sump Williams, Mother Della Crawford, Mother Janie Haywood Miller, Mother Missouri Strohman, Mother Della Grant, Sister Lizzie White, Sister Maggie McClea, Bro. Cooper Smith, Sister Smith, Bro. And Sister Clyde Huitt, and Mother Aldean Hardin.

Former Pastors are Bishop Hagan, Rev. Morris Bomar, Rev. Carter, Elder P.R. Durrant, Rev. J. Teamer, Rev. Taylor, Elder F.E. Robinson, Elder G.L. Danner, Elder H.H. Medlock, Elder Abney, Rev. B.C. McCaskill, Elder J.R. Ashemore, Elder Keith Smith, and our present Pastor, Elder Troy E. Bethune.

Presiding Elders who have ruled over our church of which some were the actual pastor have been Elder S.M. Brown, Elder T.M. Riley, Elder W. Mills, Elder Abney, Elder F.E. Robinson, Elder G.L. Danner, Elder H.H. Medlock, Elder Patrick Frazier, Elder Clarence Campbell,  Elder A.J. Lindsay and our current pastor Elder Troy E. Bethune.


The Praise House
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